Sunday, February 3, 2013

Leviticus: Chapters 1 through 5

(This reading was done on 2/2/2013; published on 2/3/2013)

Hello my fellow Internites, again we are back and blogging the night away.  I'm sorry it took so long to get it up I have been in mourning over the loss of the Superbowl.

Besides the information I will be posting tonight I will be posting some information that has not been sitting well with me in the sense of what it means.

Anyway, on with the reading.  I started again with a prayer of understanding and the hope that the information that I am reading can be taken and used by me in my everyday life.

Ok so, there were a few things that I saw but not a lot.  So I am going to sum up what I did read and then tell you what I had found.

Leviticus: 1-5
These chapters talk about how the atonements for sins and peace offerings with burnt offerings as well as offerings made without meat (unleavened bread.)  It goes into how the offering is supposed to be offered up to Aaron and how everything is supposed to be laid out.  Again, very instructional and offers a glimpse into what was done and how it was done in the biblical times, however does not really stand the test of time now as far as the churches we have now.

The one piece that really stood out to me was:
Leviticus 4: 6
6 And the priest shall dip his finger in the blood, and sprinkle of the blood seven times before the Lord, before the vail of the sanctuary.

The reason I find this so interesting is that the sprinkling of the blood is numbered.  In all the other descriptions it states that the blood shall be sprinkled on the altar, or about the altar, but never gives a specific number of times like this.  Again, nothing in the Bible is printed by accident, so there is a reason that it is numbered.  The only question I have is why?  Again there is information that I do not know and these are some interesting questions I have.

Ok, I want to talk about something that has been eating at me since I heard about it.  Not because it is not great that the church is doing it, but the reasons is what I do not understand.

As many of you know they are decreasing the age of male missionaries from 19 to 18 and female missionaries from 21 to 19.  I love this idea because it puts more of our missionaries out into the field.  But a fear has been raised into me.  Why is this happening now? 

A few days ago I wrote about Moses holding back the wrath of God and I wondered how often the hand of God had been held back to save us.  And now I fear that we really are in the end times here.  There is a quickening of our work and the question that I fear the most is why.  Are we close?  Do we only have a few more years?  I do not know, I just hope that whatever does happen I will see my friends and family in heaven when my years have been numbered.

(Reading for 2/3/13 - Leviticus: 6-9  - will be posted 2/4/2013)

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