Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Numbers: Chapters 8 through 12

(This reading was done on 2/12/2013 - published on 2/13/2013)

Hello my fellow Internites, it is becoming clear the work of the Tabernacle and what is supposed to happen with it.  This information is all very interesting but so far I still have found no real gems to use with my everyday life.  I do love the information I am receiving and how happy, calm, and at ease I feel as I read these words.  I am excited when I read the words from our Lord and I can not wait to pick up the next day.

So today I started a deeper prayer then I have done before.  I asked for understanding as I usually do but my mind came to offering thanks.  Not only for what I have gleamed from what I have read, but from the words themselves.  I thanked God for the Bible and the other scriptural works that he has given us, for some reason I felt it very necessary to add that in.

Numbers 8:
This chapter talks about how the Levites are supposed to be set aside to work on the Tabernacle.  They are to have the entire congregation of Israel lay their hands upon their heads and set them apart so that they can take the place of the firstborn of Israel.  I understand how important this work was because it sets those apart which is a fundamental part of our church service.  When we take on a calling, we speak with the bishop and are set apart so that we may take on the work that we are to do.

Numbers 9:
Also a very interesting chapter.  Once again God tells Moses that the children of Israel are to keep the Passover.  This is definitely not the first time God has told Moses and the children of Israel this.  This is a necessary service to attend simply because of all the mentioning of it.  This means something to me because as I have heard and as I am led to believe, if the information is in the bible then it is in there for a reason.  The rest of the chapter talks about how they are to move when they travel to their new home.  When the smoke pillar of the Lord moves then they are to follow.  In night the smoke will become fire.  They are to remain wherever the smoke stays.  No matter how long that smoke remains there they stay there.

Numbers 10:
This chapter talks about creating trumpets to blow and how they need to sound one trumpet for everyone to meet at the tabernacle, one trumpet as an alarm, and how to use the trumpets during their marching.  The Pillar of smoke begins to leave and the camp goes with it.  There is a specific way that each tribe is supposed to go after the tabernacle and this is explained as well.

Numbers 11:
There were many rumblings within the children of Israel as they traveled to the land they were supposed to be at.  Because of these rumblings and whinings, the fire of the Lord went out to devour those who complained.  Even after that there were still others who complained that they had no flesh to eat and they were getting tired of Manna (the bread that dropped with the dew).  God told them that they would have meat, so much meat it would make them sick of meat.  Moses also chose the 70 elders which again is a big part of my church and these 70 are the most righteous under the prophet themselves.  Finally God delivered up quail in the encampment.  Those that ate the food were plagued by God because of their unclean ways.

Numbers 12:
Aaron and Miriam murmured against the Lord and his choice for a voice.  Moses was a meek man and Aaron felt he was stronger.  The Lord called all three of them to the door of the tabernacle.  God said one of the greatest passages I have ever read.  He says that his prophets he will talk to in visions, but Moses, the most righteous of all of the children of Israel, speaks face to face with God.  God will choose his prophets this way and it moves me that he does.  Miriam is struck with leprosy and is shut out of the camp for 7 days before she is allowed back in.  

(Reading for 2/13/2013 - Numbers 13-15 - will be published on 2/14/2013)

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