Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Numbers: Chapters 5 through 7

(This reading was done on 2/11/2013 - published on 2/12/2013)

Numbers 5
This chapter deals with lepers being sent out of the camps.  It also deals with how a sinner is to repay his debt to society so that he may be made clean again in the eyes of the Lord.  Finally, the chapter describes a, to me very barbaric, ritual that should be followed to find out if a wife has been unfaithful.  The barbaric part of this is that it did not matter what the woman did, it came down to if she actually cheated, or, if the husband thought she had cheated.

There are a couple things I need to realize though.  These were the laws that the Lord set forth and another thing I need to keep in mind is that women were treated a lot differently back then and it is not like it is now.  I also have to think that if a husband and wife have a good relationship then the chances of something like this even happening is fairly slim.  So again, understandable but a little barbaric in my eyes.

Numbers 6
The chapters talks about how a man is to take the vow of a Nazarite.  They are to take no alcohol of any kind or even eat any fruit from the vine, whether it be wet or dry.  They are also not allowed to shave their head.  They are to remain away from any dead otherwise they would be defiled.  The law states that he is to shave his head and offer a sacrifice.  They are also to shave their head and offer a sacrifice when their service as a Nazarite is over.

My favorite part of this chapter though is at the end when it is revealed what the blessing is to be to the children of Israel.  This beautiful blessing that is given to all of us is very touching and proves to me that God looks upon me as a loving father who smiles at me.  Not only with his mouth, but with his eyes.  I know that God is happy with me because of the faith that I follow, and because of that I am allowed to share in this special blessing as well.

Numbers 7
This includes the dedication of the Tabernacle.  It talks of each family and the sacrifice that they give to Aaron and the priests.  Each family on their own day offers the same thing as a dedication.  Once the dedication is completed Moses goes into the tabernacle and a voice is heard from the Tabernacle, the voice of the Lord.  The chapter ends with me wanting more, wanting to know what God said to Moses.  I can not wait to read more and see what is said.

(Reading for 2/12/2013 - Numbers: 8-12 - will be published on 2/13/2013)

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