Monday, February 11, 2013

Numbers: 1 & 2 - Numbers 3 & 4

(This reading was done on 2/9/2013 & 2/10/2013 - published on 2/11/2013)

Hello my fellow Internites and I have to give an apology to everyone.  I did not realize I posted no blog from yesterday.  What I did today was changed the reading to include 2 days worth.  This is going to include Numbers 1&2 as well as Numbers 3&4.  I did not want to play catch up like this, but it was only one day and the sum of just a few chapters so I figure it would be OK.  So onto the reading.

Numbers 1
The beginning of the book of numbering the children of Israel.  This chapter talks about how they numbered all the men from age 20 up who could fight for Israel from every household except the Levites.  These people are to sleep with their own group and each group shall have their own colors or "standard".  The Levites however were not numbered because they are to care for the Tabernacle and strike it down or put it up.  They will camp around the tabernacle and perform service for the tabernacle.

Numbers 2
This chapter deals specifically as to how the camp is to be set up and where each of the families are to be camped.

Numbers 3
This chapter dealt with the families of the Levites and how they were to be camped around the tabernacle itself.  Also it dealt with what part of the tabernacle each family was supposed to take care of and they had charge over.  Accordingly it would be their job to assemble these pieces when they set-up and they would disassemble the pieces they were in charge of when they tore down.

Numbers 4
It is stated how Aaron and Moses were to pack the tabernacle and cover it using the veil of covering and beaver pelts and cloth.  Once they get everything packed up, the task of moving the tabernacle itself will fall upon the Kohathites and that family, however if they are to touch anything holy they would be put to death.  The Gershonites will be set apart as well as they are the family that is to deal with the hangings of the tabernacle, including all the curtains and other veils.  And each other family is given their duties and set apart to follow them.

(Reading for 2/11/2013 - Numbers: 5-7 - will be published on 2/12/2013)

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